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Hi, I’m John Wolcott, a former long-time English-language Muay Thai commentator who’s been living in Thailand since 2014. Over the last decade, I’ve commentated Muay Thai fights at MAX Muay Thai, Rajadamnern Muay Thai Stadium, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, World Siam Stadium, and more. In 2022 I stepped away from commentating to focus on writing about the sport.

Finding a trainer with a record of professional fights and title wins is often a good sign, but you’ll never really know how good they are as a teacher until you experience their methods first-hand. Without expert knowledge, you could end up failing to keep up with a group of experts, or struggling to learn ineffective techniques from a con artist at a McDojo. The best practice is to turn up a little early, giving you an ample amount of time to stretch, wrap your hands, and even catch up with friends before it’s time to get serious. Whether you’re training to fight or you’re just a Muay Thai hobbyist, you owe it to your coach, your teammates, and yourself to be punctual. In this chapter, we’ve come up with some tips on what to look out for while training at the Muay Thai gym. Sticking to these guidelines will show the appropriate respect to your coaches and training partners, and will help you fit right in wherever you train.

A thick, starchy liquid would sometimes be used to bind the threads and make the striking surface harder. Now, 400 years later, TWINS is Thailand’s #1 Muay Thai equipment manufacturer. Muay Thai is also steeped in spiritual traditions, and fights used to be held at Thai Buddhist temples. Before each match, fighters perform a traditional dance called Wai Khru Ram Muay, and they wear a headband called Mongkon and armbands called Pra Jiad for good luck. Muay Thai fighters usually start their professional career as children between the ages of eight and fourteen and compete frequently, sometimes weekly. Muay Thai Music is played during matches, and gambling is a big part of Muay Thai.

Boxers tend to have more power in their punches compared to most Muay Thai fighters. However, some renowned Thai fighters have competed with much success in both sports. Anuwat Kaewsamrit is a well-known Muay Thai fighter famous for his heavy hands and high KO rate. Somrak Khamsing, a golden age fighter, is an Olympic gold-medalist in boxing. As the most effective striking martial art in the world, it is no wonder why Muay Thai has become one of the key foundations of the vastly popular, fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Glove sizes between 6oz to 10oz are prescribed based on the weight divisions. There are now several promotions that sanction Muay Thai fights with MMA-style gloves (open-finger) between 4-6oz. K-1 made modifications to its rules over the years, differing from Muay Thai most notably in the absence of elbows and limiting the use of clinching.

Muay Thai’s surged over the last 20 years, as practitioners, gyms, and competitions have become more popular around the world over. The Muay Mat (aggressive puncher and low kicker) is one of the most beloved styles in the sport. One thing is for sure, these practitioners do not back down for anyone. When it comes to stopping leg kicks from doing damage, fighters should also work on their checking game, as this can prevent an opponent from targeting the legs frequently.

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As the lead leg is closest to the opponent, it is not hard to see why. There is no switch involved in the lead front teep, meaning that it can be thrown from almost any position and with lightning speed. An opponent will find it hard to predict this strike, too, especially if they move into range too quickly or it is disguised behind a feint.

  • You might also want to know if there’s an active social element among members.
  • The release of endorphins in the body are known to promote a sense of comfort and well-being which can help in stress management.
  • Padwork is a staple of Muay Thai training and requires one participant to hold a pair of pads (the pad man), whilst a second participant strikes the pads (the attacker).
  • With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most common push kicks used by Muay Thai fighters.
  • Headbutts, biting, groin shots, hitting the back of the head, kicking knee joints and poking the eyes are not prohibited.
  • And many of these warriors happened to be Muay Thai masters of the era.

While a difficult strike to perfect, the side push kick can be honed over time with the right amount of practice and drilling. As with most strikes, improvement in balance, posture, muscle memory, and technique comes with time. Other than that, the two sports are similar enough that many Muay Thai and kickboxing fighters often compete and hold titles in both sports.

While it’s not impossible to train with much bigger or smaller teammates, both you and your training partners will need to make big adjustments for pad work and sparring. Before we even get started with what makes a good gym, ask yourself whether you can fit the gym’s timetable of classes around the rest of your professional and social life. If you’re new to the sport and beginner’s classes clash with your shifts at work, it may not be the place for you. While you get your feet wet in your new martial arts family, keep these things in mind to help yourself adjust and adapt. They are the fountain of all your martial arts knowledge, and they demand your respect. It does not cost much to pick up a pair of new gloves, or you could set yourself up for the long-haul with a pair that is built to last from the Evolve Fight Gear store.

There are many legendary stories, and one of them talks about the great Nai Khanom Tom, the legendary warrior who defeated 9 Burmese opponents during the siege of the Thai Kingdom. Gloves similar to those used in boxing matches replaced the old horsehide, hemp rope or leather bindings and a hard-cover groin protector was added as extra protection from brutal kicks and knees. King Rama V realized the value of Muay Thai and did much to promote the sport from the late 1880’s to the turn of the century. Fighters are usually given nicknames that they use for their entire career, followed by the gym they train at. For example, Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn was given the name ‘Dieselnoi,’ which means little diesel, and trained at the Chor Thanasukarn gym. However, Farang fighters (non-Thai fighters) use their birth name instead of the traditional nickname.

A MMA fighter proficient in a grappling skill like wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will likely not fare as well in a full stand-up face-off. When the chance presents itself, he will attempt to bring the fight to the ground. Many street fights do end up on the ground so the person with the ground fighting experience will often prevail in such situations. However, the fighter stands a chance of winning if he is able to knock out his opponent. This all boils down to the level of skills that the fighter possesses. In the event that there is no knockout, the winner will be decided based on the scoring system.